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9th January 2018 Minutes


7.30 pm, Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Sue Earl (Secretary); Rick Blackman (treasurer); Katie Bennett; Fred Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Ben Pullen; Paul Weedon

Apologies for absence: Adrian Atkins; Jane Gregory; Tom Sisley

1 Minutes of July Meeting (the October meeting was cancelled), and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes were passed.

1.2 The purchase of chairs for the Village Hall has yet to take place – no-one has had an excuse to be near Tilbury (where they would be collected from).

1.3 Tractor tyre and the lay-by: nothing actioned yet.

1.4 Village sign: nothing of significance actioned.  IE has been in touch with a representative of Throwley (possibly a similar to design to Badlesmere’s) to find out where they had theirs made and how much it cost – reply awaited.

2 Accounts

2.1 The balances as at 31 December are: the current account is £5707.37 and the business reserve account £3844.37.  At least one cheque from 2017 has not been presented as at 9 Jan, and the insurance is yet to be paid.  The reserve account has hardly changed – nothing was taken out and very little interest was accrued, such are the times.  When the accounts are checked we will probably find that the balance on the current account has been reduced by roughly the cost of the purchase of tables for the hall in April and the cancellation of the Medieval Fayre in May (the A251 was resurfaced in October but without the closures that were planned in May).  The cost of new pads and battery for the defibrillator was borne by the Parish Council.  

2.2 The Wine and Wisdom event in November made £324 profit.  Fred and Jane Gregory were thanked for organising the jolly event.

2.3 The latest 100 Club winners for 2017 are:
July: £15 K Euridge, £10 D Moore;
August: £15 T Treasure, £10 J Jones
September: £15 A Moore, £10 N Moore;
October: £15 B Garlinge, £10 A Bungle;
November: £15 C Payne, £10 M Monks;
December: £100 R Godfrey-Faussett, £50 T Garlinge, £25 P Thompson;

3 Hall Manager – post to fill

3.1 IE has attempted to persuade Kelvin Euridge and Gareth Eccles.  Neither felt they could give enough time (even if IE continued to manage the bookings) but offered their services whenever a working party was required.  The committee were asked to suggest others who maybe likely candidates.  It was felt unfair to ask Jason Folland as he has only just arrived in the village.

4 Cleaner for the Hall

4.1 The attempt to set up a roster for cleaning the hall on a more regular basis (declared necessary with the more regular use of the hall) failed to get a sufficient number of volunteers.  Consequently a cleaner (who ‘does’ for JG and BP) has been hired to do one two-hour session every four weeks, concentrating on the kitchen and toilet areas.  She did one session in 2017, and will resume in January 2018.  The rate is £20 per session.  BP requested that she be asked to sweep the main hall if she has time.

5 Hire charged for the Village Hall

5.1 IE proposed that the hourly rate be kept at £7.50, but that a ceiling of £90 for a 24 hour period be instigated, subject to the hall’s availability, so removing excess charges for set up and cleaning and allowing cleaning to occur the following day.  This would simplify the charging and remove any difficulties associated with hiring for parties.  The committee agreed.

5.2 IE proposed that no charge for hiring the hall would be made for events that were for the benefit of the community, non-profit-making, and open to all villagers.  This way such events as the Harvest Supper and the Animal Blessing (B&L PCC), and EK0GG’s Open Day would not incur any charge.  IE pointed out that the Hall is a community asset which, if not used, rather defeats the object of having one.  Hire charges are just a way of covering its costs, and not part of a business venture.  The committee agreed.

5.2 IE has acquired suitable cards (all £1 in value) for the electricity meter for the hall heaters, and a programming card.  The unit rate has been changed from 8p per unit to 15p per unit, which is still less than the electricity company charges the Village Hall.   The regular users of the hall have been informed.

6 Grass cutting 2018

6.1 It was unanimously agreed that the grass cutting in 2017 was of a very high standard, and that Jean Treasure should be approached with the offer of the contract for 2018 for £600.  SE to contact.

6.2 KB requested that whoever cuts the grass they should be instructed to avoid the wild flower zone at the eastern end of the Lees until flowering has finished.

7 Winter tidy up and track repairs

7.1 The date, Sunday 4th February, time 9.30, was set for the winter tidy up, and repairs to the North Track.  [Following contact with North Track residents this was changed to Saturday, 3rd February.]

8 Fund-raising and events

8.1 The Hundred Club was being organised as usual by JG, but due to events beyond her control membership forms will go out in January instead of the usual December.  The committee expressed their thanks to JG for continuing to run the club.

8.2 The date for the Mediaeval Fayre 2018 had been set for Saturday 19th May, but it was pointed out that this now clashed with the Royal Wedding and the F A Cup Final.  Rather than choosing a different weekend, the committee chose to move the date to Sunday, 20th May.  IE warned that the re-enactors, without whom there is no justification for the fayre, had yet to respond to his email about the original date.  IE to remind the re-enactors and check if the new date is okay with them.

8.3 The beacon will be lit as part of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, on 11 November 2018.  The Royal Pageant Master has formally acknowledged that Badlesmere will be participating in the ‘Battle’s Over’ tribute to those who gave their lives or returned home wounded during or after the 1914-18 War.  Later in the year we need to decide whether other activities or celebrations should accompany it.

9 Leavemere Parking

9.1 Access onto the North Track near the ‘triangle’ has been problematic due to cars being parked there, and one in particular, compounded by the pile of planings left by the road contractors.  It was felt that temporary parking by visitors to the bungalows was acceptable, especially as there are only two parking places off-road next to the bungalows, but that there is one visitor who has three cars seemingly permanently there – one in a Leavemere parking place, one on the grass where the knee-rail fencing has been broken and removed, and one on the track often causing an obstruction.  IE will speak with the owner prior to consulting the administrator of the Lees Court Estate, since the grass and the North Track are part of the Lees Court Estate.  The fence needs reinstating, possibly by Optivo (as Amicus is now called).


8.1 A Safety Audit has been carried out by IE, and filed.  An Accident Book has been purchased and is stored by the fire blanket in the kitchen.  Completed pages will be filed by IE.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Next committee meeting: Tuesday, 10 April 2018, at 7.30 pm.