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AGM 2016




7.30 pm, 1st November 2016

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair), Jane Austin (Secretary), Rick Blackman (Treasurer), Katie Bennett, Charlie Kirby, Ben Pullen

Apologies for absence: Adrian Atkins, Fred Gregory, Jane Gregory, Tom Sisley, Madelene Wilkinson

1 & 2 Welcome and Chairman’s report

IE welcomed seven members of the public to the (possibly) 110th AGM and read from his Chairman’s Report, which includes mention of the following:
The search for custodian trustees continues; the Village Hall is not registered with The Charites Commission; fund-raising events should be declared either for the Hall or the Lees, and two bank accounts will soon be opened to separate the finances of the Hall from the Lees. AA is responsible for cutting the Lees, while BP oversees maintenance of the tracks. Type 1 was used on the North track instead of planings, giving it a better surface. Refurbishment and repairs have continued in the Hall, but its interior is still in need of decorating. An engineer has been engaged to advise on any structural repairs that may be needed. Thanks were given to JG for organising the 100 Club, to JG and FG for organising the Wine and Wisdom and to Dave Austin and JA for organising the Summer Quiz, all of which raised money. Thanks also went to David Wilkinson for managing the hiring of the Hall. The Medieval Fayre, a community effort, increased funds by £800, and special thanks were given to JA for taking on the lion’s share of organising it. There will be another next year. The lighting of the beacon to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday was well attended and special thanks were given to Dave Austin and Sue Earl. The defibrillator is now installed in the telephone box at Falcon Farm, and SECAMB have told of its existence. They have yet to reply, so it is not strictly ready to use. A charity, Community Heartbeat, have been informed too, and they will hold the records of its maintenance and checking. Thanks were given to Tom Treasure who has provided the telephone box and has made significant financial contributions. Details of these matters can be found in the full Report which is available on the Badlesmere website:
www.badlesmerelees.com .

3 Financial Statement

RB reported that at the end of 2015, the accounts had a surplus of £481.54. At 30 September 2016, the balance of the current account was £6881.77, with £3843.54 in the reserve account. Hall hire has raised £295.00. The Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland Horticultural Society donated £500 towards the cost of a village sign. More money than usual was paid for track surfacing material, but it is expected that the surface (of the North track) will not need attention for some years and the costs will be less in the long run. Action with Communities in Rural Kent has advised us to re-organise the bank accounts in order to make it easier to prove the charity status of the Village Hall.

4 Open discussion

4.1 The Japanese knotweed infestation has been treated with licensed chemicals by the Lees Court Estate. It will require regular spraying for at least three years and must not be cut or burned. IE has a map of the knotweed sites on the Lees.

4.2 It was mentioned that the new pub sandwich board in the car park blocks the sight lines for drivers turning onto the A251. IE will speak to the landlord. Cars parked in the lay-by near the pub create a similar problem. The Committee is waiting to hear from the Lees Court Estate regarding moving the posts further back.

4.3 There was a query regarding the hiring of the Hall and how much more traffic is likely to use the tracks. It was made clear that only those with a connection to the village are allowed to hire the Hall.

4.5 CK is to talk to BP regarding the best material for filling in the holes in the South track and where to store it.

4.6 Tom Treasure gave a brief explanation of how the defibrillator works. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to invite First Responders to talk to villagers about performing CPR and using the defibrillator.

4.7 In response to a query, it was explained that the trust deed which we abide by does not concern the Lees. People could choose to be a member of either the Hall or the Lees Committee or both, though IE suggested that same people be on both committees and half an hour be given to each Committee in one meeting would be more practical. It was made clear that the Hall bank accounts will need to be two-to-sign trust accounts and that online banking is not an option.  

5 Election of the Committee

The members of the Committee resigned and were re-elected, apart from JA, who resigned and was thanked for her help. It was suggested that the role of secretary be shared should a willing volunteer not be found.


It was agreed that the AGM should be held in May, when the lighter evenings and more clement weather may mean more members of the public will attend; it would also make sense for the accounts of the previous year to be presented in May rather than in the Autumn.

Jerry Baker gave a vote of thanks to the Committee.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.