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AGM 9th May 2017





7.30 pm, Tuesday, 9th May 2017

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair), Sue Earl (Secretary), Rick Blackman (Treasurer), Katie Bennett, Charlie Kirby, Ben Pullen, Tom Sisley, Paul Weeden, Madelene Wilkinson

Apologies for absence: Adrian Atkins, Fred Gregory, Jane Gregory, Charlie Kirby

1 & 2 Welcome and Chairman’s report

IE gave a warm welcome to everyone especially the five members of the public, and read out the agenda, explaining that the main purposes of the event was to enable the committee to describe their actions over the past year and the intentions for the next, and for the public to share their views with the committee.  IE explained why the AGM had been moved to a date much earlier in the year than had become the norm (to occur in a summer month, and be closer to year committee’s financial year end, i.e. December).  Paul Weeden was welcomed, and introduced as the representative of the East Kent 0 Gauge Group, who are now regular users of the village hall.  IE then read aloud his Chairman’s Report, which summarised below.

Little has changed since the last AGM with respect to custodian trustees, and the separation of the accounts into ‘Village Hall’ and ‘The Lees’, however, what matters – work on the hall, the mowing of the Lees, and the maintenance of the environment  - has happened.  The accounts remain healthy despite extra expenditure this year, confidence to spend coming from having three groups who regularly use the hall and so give the committee a steady income.

In the foreseeable future there will be big expenditures on the main structure of the hall.  It is known that parts of the wooden framework need replacing but a structural engineer has confirmed that the foundations are sound.  We intend to paint the inside of the hall before we tackle the main structure, this being possible because the repairs to the structure will be achieved by taking off the corrugated iron sheeting from the outside.  Since the last AGM repairs and refurbishment of the hall have continued, and outside various fences have been replaced.  Volunteers have helped on several occasions, not least in the recent ‘wall party’, when all the nails and staples were removed in readiness for the proposed painting.

Essential fund-raising has continued – the 100 club actually has a hundred members for the first time for some years, and a Summer Quiz, the perennial Wine and Wisdom, and a Mediaeval Fayre, are all planned.

The village’s public access defibrillator is now ‘live’ on the SECAMB system, the installation having received its electrical certificate in January.  IE checks it weekly and records the visits on a website maintained by the Community Heartbeat Trust.  The code of the key-safe is known by the emergency services and was given out at this AGM.  An informative flyer has been printed.  Training in CPR will be offered to anyone interested.  The battery and electrodes are about to reach their expiry date so the Parish Council has been asked to help with the cost of replacements.

3 Financial Statement

RB passed around an independently-checked (thanks again to Yoshi Euridge) summary of the income and expenditure for 2016.  They are very similar in amount (£5823.56 and £5791.84 respectively).   Noteworthy were the income from lettings (£2130) and the profit from the Mediaeval Fayre (£710).  Unusual outgoings this year (in rounded numbers) were the cost of the Structural Engineer’s visit (£464), the removal of the gas meter (£310), the electrical installation certificate (£210), resurfacing of the North track (£482 – it is hoped that this will last several years, so removing the annual cost of maintaining it), and the Queen’s birthday celebrations (£150).  The year-end balances were: current account £5804.73, reserve account £3843.79.  IE admitted that no policy has yet been written concerning the amount to be kept in the reserve account or for what purpose it is earmarked.

4 Open discussion

4.1 An update on the abandoned ponies was requested.  It was understood that they had been removed to smaller enclosure.

4.2 An update on the Village Sign was requested.  IE admitted to having dragged his feet on this because of the efforts involved in organising the Mediaeval Fayre, but said that once that is over he would devote time to the project.  It was requested that any chosen design be shown to the village before finalising the construction of the sign.  IE said that the general content of the picture had been agreed but its final form would depend on whether a solid face or a silhouette was chosen.

5 Election of the Committee

The members of the Committee were re-elected.


6.1 Japanese knotweed update.  The Estate continues to treat the incursions of the knotweed.  The eradication is expected to take some years.

6.2 Corrine Scutt informed the meeting that there will be a concert at Leaveland Church on 21 May.  She also stated that the two churches, St Leonard’s at Badlesmere and St Laurence’s at Leaveland, are both in danger of closing due to the costs of their upkeep and the small populations they serve.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.