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EGM 9th May 2017



Following on from the AGM, Tuesday, 9 MAY 2017

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair), Sue Earl (Secretary), Rick Blackman (Treasurer), Katie Bennett, Ben Pullen, Tom Sisley, Paul Weeden, Madelene Wilkinson.

Apologies for absence:  Adrian Atkins, Fred Gregory, Jane Gregory, Charlie Kirby.

1 Election of Officers

Chair: Ian Earl – proposed by MW, seconded by KB;
Treasurer: Rick Blackman – proposed by IE, seconded by BP
Secretary: Sue Earl – proposed by RB, seconded by TS.
All were elected unanimously.

2 Mediaeval Fayre (20 May)

Publicity for the fayre is well under way; stalls are booked and the layout planned; signage in and around the fayre has been improved.

The design of the programme was shown.  The times of the combat displays and knight school (by the Free Men of the Blean) were altered to fit better with the band’s two sessions (Pass the Cat).

Newly booked are a group of mediaeval crafters from Sandwich called Middle Age Spread, which are a subset of Rough Musicke (mediaeval musicians but who are not available). These will add displays of calligraphy, printing, and a smithying, together with their colourful tents.

The pricing of activities was agreed, and who should man which stalls and activities.

Brogdale butchers are to be contacted to supply burgers.

Contingency plans in the case of inclement weather were briefly discussed.

3 Furniture

Twelve folding tables (originally used at the Rio Olympics) have been purchased (nominally 6’ by 2½’, price £27 ea.) and collected from Tilbury. They appear suitably robust, and should prove a valuable asset for the Fayre and will replace those usually used on Quiz nights. SE recommended that we purchase material to make tablecloths. It was agreed to make twelve, six patterned and six plain (red). IE will investigate the purchase of folding chairs from the same source.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

The next scheduled meeting will be on 12 July.