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EGM - 1st March 2016



7.30 pm, Tuesday, 1 MARCH 2016

Those present: Ian Earl, (Chair); Jane Austin (Secretary); Katie Bennett; Fred Gregory; Jane Gregory; Ben Pullen

Apologies for absence: Rick Blackman (Treasurer); Adrian Atkins; Charlie Kirby; Kim Sharrock; Tom Sisley; Madelene Wilkinson


We have been invited to light the beacon on the Lees on 21 April in order to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. CK will load the basket. There was an appeal for more wood. We will be told when to light the beacon. It was agreed that there would be a party to which people bring their own food. David Wilkinson has agreed to man the barbecue, the location of which will be decided on the night. JA is to ask Dave Austin if he can supply background music – including the National Anthem – and the PA system. IE is to consider how to promote the event.

2 100 CLUB

JG said she has taken £880.00 for the 100 Club 2016. The following names were drawn:

January £15 – A Moore; £10 – R Blackman                                                                                                        February £15 – K Bennett; £10 – B Lawrence                                                                                            March £15 – D Hubbard; £10 – E Gregory

JA suggested a notice promoting the 100 Club at the Mediaeval Fayre, but this was rejected by JG.


JA has delivered flyers to the houses around the Lees and placed an advertisement in the Parish Magazine. Residents have been asked to donate plants, books, etc., and to volunteer their time. Updates will be added to the website (www.badlesmerelees.com). The arrangements made before and during the meeting are as follows:

The Companye of Strangers (companyeofstrangers.info) will provide four half-hour sets of Tudor song and dance. The public may join in.

IE is to look into finding musicians. He will look into sourcing hay bales to sit on and also the possibility of having archery.

JA will contact Kate Linforth, who has approached Selling School about maypole dancing.

Blythe Lawrence has agreed to be the May Queen and will provide her own costume. She will be brought to the Lees with her mother by pony and trap, which will be supplied, driven and decorated by KB.

There will be a children’s fancy dress competition with a mediaeval theme. The May Queen will help with the judging. Kate Linforth will be doing face painting.

BP is to borrow the equipment necessary for the slippery pole (kindly donated by Phil Scutt) and stocks. It was agreed that these activities will have to be supervised by an adult.

KB can supply a gazebo to provide cover in the event of rain. BP is to look into sourcing a marquee.

JG has bunting with which to fence off the parking area. FG and IE will supervise the parking.

JG will organise the refreshments and volunteers. Teas will be served in the hall.

JG will have the ice cream and candy floss stall.

JA will organise the sale of watermelon slices if it is hot and watermelons are easily available and cheap.

DW will be responsible for the barbecue. JA will source the meat and rolls.

Rachel Sisley has told JA that she is willing to help with advertising the event closer to the time. The banner will be put into KB’s field one month before the event. JA is to speak to David Wilkinson about the whereabouts of the banner.

There will be a man with a shaving horse, making and selling items out of wood.

Sue Earl is to source items for a stall selling local produce. She will also man the stall.

JA is still contacting people who might be interested in having a pitch and will speak to MW regarding people who have had pitches at previous fayres, as well as the owner of the merry-go-round which has also appeared in previous years.

There will be a raffle, with prizes to include alcohol (a basket or barrow, depending on how much is donated), a discounted meal at the Red Lion, kindly supplied by Kim Sharrock, and meat, kindly provided by Jean Treasure. KB and BP have also offered to donate prizes. It was agreed that the prizes should be labelled first, second, third, etc. JA has bought raffle tickets.

It will cost £1 to park on the Lees, with all tickets going into a draw, for which a separate prize, e.g. a tin of biscuits, is needed. JA will consider how best to organise this.

AA has mats which can lie on cables between the hall and Lees. Safety is paramount. There may be a need to cover cables with chairs or hay bales.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.

The next scheduled meeting will be on 12 April.