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Oyez! Oyez! On Saturday, the 21st day of May, here in this village of Badlesmere, was crowned our May Queen, Blythe Lawrence, who arrived on a pony. My Lady Sondes did place the crown upon her head. In attendance were The Companye of Strangers, who bowed and curtsied, then danced for the new Queen and her assembled subjects, and sang sweetly. Sundry village folk joined in and cast modesty to the winds! The Free Men of the Blean fought bravely and showed our youngest and bravest the ways of a knight. And in the encampment, good wives did brew and sew. Rivals in love pelted each other with wet sponges in the stocks. People honed their hunting skills by aiming at coconuts. Children hurled themselves all about on a castle! There was all manner of things to buy, meat on the barbecue and confections, too. There was a spittle of rain, which did not dampen spirits, and in the end the sun shone strong and warm. The good folk of Badlesmere came together and created an afternoon of merriment. Thank you to them all!

Mediæval Fayre 2016