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5th April 2016



5 April 2016

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Jane Austin (Secretary); Rick Blackman (Treasurer); Adrian Atkins; Katie Bennett; Ben Pullen; Thomas Sisley

Apologies for absence: Jane Gregory; Fred Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Kim Sharrock; Madelene Wilkinson

1 Minutes of January and March Meetings and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes for the January meeting and the March Extraordinary meeting were passed. AA is to put up the defibrillator once IE has confirmed that having a key safe outside the Village Hall is acceptable with the insurance company.

1.2 AA will continue to mow the Lees at the same rate as before.

1.3 Some members of the committee still need to sign governance forms.

2 2015 Accounts and Financial Statement

2.1 The balance of the current account at the end of February stands at £6596.74 and the reserve account at £3842.42. There will be an additional £250 from the table tennis club which hires the Hall. RB will show the accounts to Yoshi Eldridge within the next month. There was a question about whether or not there could be an online account.

2.2 RB will give BP money towards the cost of filling of potholes in the track.  

2.3 Jerry Baker’s name has to be removed as signatory.

3 Village Halls Convention Feedback

3.1 IE and Sue Earl went to the convention at Lenham and they attended four workshops between them. People hiring village halls tend to think there will be internet access. It would cost £30 per month to install the necessary line here and it was agreed not to do so.

3.2 The Committee will not be eligible to receive any grants until it is run better, although the local council can give funding without our having charitable status.

3.3 IE is to investigate alternative insurance companies with regard to public liability and buildings insurance. The lighting of the beacon and the Mediaeval Fayre will require an extra premium if the number of visitors exceeds 500 at any one time, but will not be liable for dangerous activities. IE will look into the cost of the premium. IE and JA are to fill in insurance forms.

3.4 IE will look at health and safety matters. It was confirmed that the fire extinguishers have been checked.

3.5 There is to be a Trustee Training workshop in Barham on 16 May. IE is willing to attend. It will cost £25, regardless of how many people go from each hall.

4 The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

The beacon will be lit at 7.30 (although there is some flexibilty with time, 8.30 being another option) on 21 April. Residents of Sheldwich will also be in attendance, as Sheldwich is part of the Parish. The Pageant Master has asked for photographs of the occasion to be sent to him. Dave Austin will take some and also provide music. The national anthem will be sung. CK will be in charge of fire building the day before. Residents are asked to bring their own food; meat will be cooked on the barbecue. The Committee will pay for 12 bottles of Prosecco with which to toast the Queen. The Pageant Master has suggested that a 90-year-old light the fire. IE will arrange for somebody to do this.

5 Mediaeval Fayre

1.1 KB can no longer supply a pony and trap, but will suggest to the Gregory family that Blythe enter the fayre on horseback.

1.2 There was some discussion about the safety and logistics of having a bouncy castle. IE will find out if the extra insurance makes having one a viable option.

1.3 IE is trying to organise for re-enactors to camp on the Lees over the weekend of the fayre.

1.4 IE has spoken to a man who does archery demonstrations who is unavailable this year, but who would be happy to come to the fayre next year at no cost to the Committee.

1.5 IE’s daughter, a doctor, will be at the fayre in case of medical emergency.

1.6 Jean Treasure will have a number of sheep in a pen on the Lees, subject to insurance.

1.7 JA is to e-mail Rosie Sharrock to ask her to mention the fayre on Facebook.

6 Any Other Business

6.1 The Wine and Wisdom night will take place on 26 November.

6.2 The East Kent 0-Gauge Railway Association has asked to hire the Hall two or three times a month on weekdays and Saturdays at a rate of £7.50 per hour. They will build shelves and keep some equipment in the Hall.

6.3 BP says that 6 loads of Type 1 will be delivered by Bretts on 30 April and placed along the track. He suggested that the residents should pay the Hall and that the Hall should pay the bill. RB will look into whether or not there could be a price reduction if the Hall pays Bretts. He will speak to YE.

6.4 AA asked about the situation regarding the village sign, money for which has been given by the Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland Horticultural Society. It was agreed that this would be discussed after the fayre.

6.5 KB asked if there could be a post next to the triangle to stop lorry drivers from parking there. IE will speak to the Highways Department.

6.6 AA suggested that the names of houses on the Lees should be put on a sign at the top of the track for the benefit of couriers.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.