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10th July 2018 Minutes


7.30 pm, Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair), Paul Weeden

Apologies for absence: Sue Earl, Rick Blackman, Dave Austin, Katie Bennett, Fred Gregory, Jane Gregory, Charlie Kirby, Ben Pullen, Tom Sisley

As the meeting was inquorate, the following is information; no decisions were made.

1 Minutes of April Meeting, and Matters Arising; also the AGM (and the brief meeting following it).

1.1 Passing of the minutes of the April meeting was left for the next meeting.

1.2 Items 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 in the January minutes (1.3 in April) – nothing to report (chairs, tractor tyre, village sign). Item 1.4 April – no change: IE still acting as Hall Manager.

1.3 Mowing of the Lees.  A commercial contractor has been engaged.  The first cut was carried out just before the Mediaeval Fayre.  This was later than ideal for it left considerable amounts of grass cuttings on the lees.

1.4 Leavemere parking issues.  Since a notice was left on the windscreen of the offending car, it has since been parked on the grass verge where the broken fence is.  This is not an ideal solution (it is still unsightly) but does guarantee an unhindered route down the North Track.

1.5 North Track – repairs were carried out on 28 April.  Considerable effort and plenty of Type 1 added has made the track very serviceable, a timely improvement, just before the Mediaeval Fayre.  It was stated that no further Type 1 would need to be added (at least where this has been laid) and that future repairs should simply involve churning up the roadway and relaying it, possibly by one machine.  This should radically reduce the cost of maintaining the track.

1.6 AGM – six members of the public attended including two new to the village (regarded as a good turnout) and most of the committee.  Requests were made that our terms of reference with respect to the lees and tracks be better defined, and a policy written to justify the amount kept in the Reserve Account.  Concerns were also expressed over whether we were missing out on funds available through the Parish Council or Borough councillors, and whether the village sign was ‘off the agenda’.  The committee resigned en masse and was re-elected.  Following the meeting the members of the committee present elected a chair, secretary and treasurer

2 Accounts

2.1 The balances as at 10 July are: the current account is £6492.11 and the business reserve account £3845.32.

2.2 Chough’s Table Tennis Club have elected to relocate (to Waltham) following complaints by visiting teams that the hall was too cold this winter despite the use of convector heaters in addition to putting the space heaters on early.  The meditation group has returned after leaving due to a fall in numbers and are even trialling a second session on Mondays in addition to their regular Friday sessions.

2.2 The 100 Club winners for May onwards will be drawn when practicable.

3 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

3.1 These come into force on 25 May.  The committee and others acting under its auspices are reminded to comply with the policies the committee has adopted.  All were sent details of these on 13 Feb.  A 16GB memory stick has been purchased on which are the computer files pertaining to the Badlesmere Lees and Hall Committee (as back-up to the Chairman’s laptop) in an encrypted format.

4 Mediaeval Fayre

4.1 Despite good weather the week before and the week after the Saturday of the Fayre, on the day itself heavy rain occurred just before lunchtime.  This almost certainly put people off from attending.  However, despite lower than usual numbers a profit of over £600 was made.  It did bring the village together, and the general consensus was that all who came enjoyed themselves.  The greasy pole was a surprising hit (difficulties with insurance prevented its inclusion two years ago).  The re-enactors were somewhat disappointing being few in number and lacking showmanship but they were authentic and had obvious expert knowledge.  The Kids Battle was well-attended and thoroughly enjoyed, and the archery demonstrations and hands-on experience appreciated by many.  Unfortunately the large area put aside for the archery (an absolute requirement stipulated by the re-enactors) was unnecessary and made it seem far from the other goings-on.

4.2 A post-event meeting was held to discuss the success, or otherwise, of the occasion and to share opinions on how to make it better.  The unavoidable absence of the Gregory family (from the Fayre) was noticeable.  The EK0GG was thanked for their displays in the village hall.  The number of helpers on the day from the village (in addition to committee members) was encouraging.

5 Hall Maintenance – painting the exterior

5.1 A quote has been received from Kevin Walters of Throwley: £1775 for the roof area, £1555 for the walls/doors.  Details will be passed to committee members.  IE informed KW that it could be carried in stages to fit in with his other commitments.

6 Defibrillator training

6.1 A training session in CPR and the use of the defibrillator has been organised for Tuesday 18 September, at 7.30 pm, in the village hall.  IE will deliver flyers to those within 800m by road of the telephone box (Watersditch to Boundgate), and place an article in the Parish Magazine.

7 ‘Battles Over’ – A Nations Tribute, 11 November 2018

7.1 The beacon will be lit; a reminder to CK to fuel it.  What else should be done is up for discussion.  Ideas to IE, please.

8 Badlesmere 10km Run (Steve Burt was invited to attend)

8.1 At the AGM, Steve Burt offered to attend a committee meeting to describe why he thinks Badlesmere Lees is a perfect venue for a 10k Run.  RB agrees with him and is keen to support the venture.  It was unfortunate that this (July) meeting was so poorly attended.  IE will send a precis to the committee of what Steve outlined.


Nothing raised.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Next committee meeting: Tuesday, 9 October 2018, at 7.30 pm.