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11th July 2017



7.30 pm, Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Sue Earl (Secretary); Katie Bennett; Fred Gregory; Paul Weedon

Apologies for absence: Rick Blackman; Adrian Atkins; Jane Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Tom Sisley; Madelene Wilkinson

1 Minutes of April Meeting, the AGM and the May Extraordinary Meeting, and Matters Arising

1.1 The EK0GG Open Day is set for this coming Saturday (15 July). Lorraine Blackman has contacted IE, concerned that she is having a children’s activity day and parking at the village hall may become limited.  IE has arranged with EK0GG for their members to park beyond the copse leaving the village hall car park for Lorraine’s use and EK0GG visitors, of which there will probably not be many and mostly after the activity day is over. IE and SE will give the hall a good clean, and restock any missing consumables, before Saturday.

1.2 Jane Austin has cancelled the Summer Quiz because only two and a half tables had been booked.

1.3 The AGM date for next year was set for Tuesday, 8 May 2018. IE will contact directly those that like to know well in advance.

1.4 Badlesmere Mediaeval Fayre 2017.  This was cancelled because Kent Highways chose to close the A251 for the whole weekend to repair the surface and gave the required 7 days’ notice only by virtue of placing signs at Boundgate and near the M2. They were not obvious either. For example, the Boundgate one was lying down in the grass on the verge. On contacting Highways as soon as they opened on the Monday both IE and FG were told, independently, that there was no chance of a reversal of the decision since seven days’ notice could not be given for a different stretch of road to be worked on. On questioning whether Highways check to see who or what might be affected by a road closure, IE was told they just google the road name/number and see what comes up. That the Fayre was publicised on the Badlesmere website was missed, and they did not contact Swale Events although all such occasions have to be registered with them (and had been). IE contacted all but two of the committee and it was unanimously agreed to cancel the Fayre. So that those affected would be told as soon as possible, IE contacted the re-enactors and the band on the Monday afternoon.
Highways then did change their mind, but did not contact IE until 3 pm on the Tuesday. It was considered too late and bad practice to attempt to un-cancel the cancelled event. Both the re-enactors and the band waived their fees (and the Bouncy Castle company kept only the deposit already paid although their terms and conditions stated they could ask for the full payment). The cancellation has therefore cost £125.74. (As of 11 July, Highways have yet to repair any of the A251.)
The re-enactors did say they could still come but not until mid to late September. The committee felt that this was too late in the year. There would also be competing events, such as the Faversham Food Festival, which includes a Mediaeval theme this year. The committee agreed to resurrect the Mediaeval Fayre in 2018.

1.5 IE has researched a source of chairs (to replace the old, torn, metal ones that do not fold and are heavy). They, like the tables, are ex-Rio Olympics, and cost £6.00 + VAT for white and £6.50 + VAT for coloured (green being that preferred). It was agreed to purchase the same number as the chairs being replaced (about 30), but leave it till a time when someone will be near Tilbury to minimise the delivery costs.

2 Accounts

2.1 The balances as at 11 July are: the current account is £5809.35 and the business reserve account £3843.97.

2.2 The latest 100 Club winners for 2017 are:
May: £15 Rachel Sisley, £10 Ian Earl;
June: £15 Adrian Linforth, £10 Lorraine Blackman.

3 Defibrillator

3.1 A new battery and two sets of pads have been purchased, with an expiry date of 5 April 2020.  The invoice is with Bill Harbour (SB&L Parish Council) for reimbursement.

3.2 The CHB Trust recommends the defibrillator is checked weekly, the manufacturer and supplier say monthly, so IE now checks it fortnightly.

4 Mediaeval Fayre 2018

4.1 The date for next year’s Fayre was agreed to be 19 May 2018.

4.2 IE and SE (with Janet Treasure) attended the recent Le Weekend event at Sandwich where our re-enactors were performing and met the crafters who had also agreed to come to our Fayre this year. They were made very welcome, even given an impromptu performance by Rough Musicke in their honour. They suggested that next year they could bring their Beer Tent (Tavern) which we could stock so making considerable profit over using our local pub to stock and man one. IE and SE are keen to have Rough Musicke in addition to any ‘traditional’ band hired, confidant that they will be well received unlike the Companye of Strangers of last year. The committee was concerned at the extra expense and agreed to them so long as they cost no more than the band. IE also reported that he had made contact with other stall holders, including a hands-on archery group, who would be prepared to come. IE is to contact all parties before the summer is over as they get quickly booked up in the autumn for the following year.

5 The impending departure from Badlesmere Lees of DW and MW

5.1 With sadness, IE reported that DW and MW will be leaving Badlesmere Lees, and so resigning their (current) posts as Hall Manager and Events co-ordinator respectively. It was felt that a farewell/thank you party should be held, not least because both had put in so much time and effort for the benefit of the village hall, the lees, and the wider community over the seventeen years they have lived here. It was agreed to hold an event in the Red Lion and allocate nominally £100 towards it (akin to the Xmas parties the committee have held from time to time in the past). A farewell present was also considered appropriate.

5.2 A new Hall Manager is now needed; IE will ask Kelvin Euridge (who held this post to 2001, before DW) if he is willing to take up the reins again. IE will manage the bookings if need be.

6 Tractor tyre

6.1 A use for the large rear-wheel tractor tyre (of unknown origin) that resides at the back of the village hall has been suggested (by SE) – to place it in the lay-by opposite Almond Cottage and fill it with soil, plant flowers and so solve the often occurring problem of HGVs parking there. IE has contacted all who live along the A251 near the lay-by, and has received a positive response from everyone. However the committee was not prepared to purchase a liner or soil, preferring to try to find free local sources for both first. The placing of metal posts within the tyre so securing its position was also suggested.

6.2 IE said he had not yet contacted the Estate but envisaged no problem with the idea, and thought Highways would probably not complain (so long as the tyre was not close to the highway itself, was painted white and given reflectors), especially as the parking of HGVs on local lay-bys is such a hot topic at MP level in Kent at the moment.  

7 Village Sign

7.1 A painted picture versus a silhouette was discussed yet again. IE will attempt to cost the options, and finalise the designs, apologising again for the lack of progress with this project.


8.1 Archives. IE reported that DW has found more archive material pertaining to the village hall and the committee while sorting through his possessions. It includes information on the Lees Court Estate laying claim to the otherwise common ground of the Lees in the 1970s, and the creation of the Lees Preservation Committee (at the request of the estate – ‘a committee of residents to look after the lees’), this in addition to the Village Hall Committee (in existence from about 1906). It also contains notes on their effective amalgamation (in the 1990s) although the accounts were only combined in 2005. Also declared is that the Lees Court Estate will not provide funds to the (Lees) committee but “will help whenever they can”.

8.2 Leavemere parking. A concerned resident reported to the Estate that there seemed to be an abandoned car outside the Leavemere bungalows and on the North track. It was found to belong to a visitor to one of the residents. It has since been moved to one of the parking places associated with Leavemere, and so is an issue for the Housing Association rather than the committee or the Estate. However, another car (seemingly with the same owner) is now frequently parked on the verge of the North track next to the entrance to Glebe House and where some of the knee-rail fencing is missing. The Estate has been informed.

8.3 Mowing of the Lees. It was noticed that the spring flowers at the south-eastern end of the lees were mown before they had finished flowering. Opinion was also expressed that although the regular mowing has resulted in the grass being shorter and tidier than ever before, it was perhaps a little too manicured. IE will ensure a more specific mowing timetable will be in place next year.

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

Next committee meeting: Tuesday, 10 October 2017, at 7.30 pm.