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11th October 2016



11 October 2016

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Jane Austin (Secretary); Rick Blackman (Treasurer); Adrian Atkins; Katie Bennett; Ben Pullen

Apologies for absence: Jane Gregory; Fred Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Thomas Sisley; Madelene Wilkinson

1 Minutes of July Meeting and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes of the July meeting were passed.

1.2 IE has not yet opened an account at Lloyd’s Bank

1.3 FG would normally let BP know when the planings for the south track are low, but as he is away, BP will speak to CK about the matter. He will also discuss the supply of more with KB. AA suggested using Type 1 to fill the holes, which would be more expensive, but last longer. Dave Austin and RB have been filling potholes in the northern lay-by with hard core. BP is going to add brick rubble, too.

2 Accounts

2.1 RB said that the current account balance on 30 September was £6881.72 and the business reserve account £3843.54. This is slightly better than last year due to hall bookings. The accounts are with Yoshi Euridge for independent checking.

 2.2 The 100 Club winners:

April   £15 Eva Winter  £10 Katie Moore
May   £15 Alex Gregory  £10 Phil Thompson
June   £15   Linda Thompson £10 Alex Moore
July   £15   Jean Treasure  £10 Mary Garlinge
August  £15   J Jones   £10 Alf Bangle
September  £15   Viv Potter  £10 Ian Earl
October  £15   Madelene Wilkinson £10 Asa Euridge

2.3 The final gas bill of £201 was paid in April.

2.4 The Summer Quiz went well and made £310.23.


This will take place on 1 November. IE urged all members of the committee to attend, if possible.

4 The North Track

4.1 There are concerns re Lorraine Blackman’s stable clients parking near the triangle (North Track). Lorraine has asked them to park in the lay-bys or next to the village hall instead, and pointed out that many of the cars (possibly all following her request) are nothing to do with her stables. KB said it is difficult for her to get a tractor and trailer past and suggested a sign. AA concurred and described the difficulties of turning right onto the track when a car is parked near the triangle despite there being apparent room. It was agreed that a ‘no parking’ sign would be put on the edge of the Lees. In addition, polite notices would be put under the windscreen wipers of cars parked there, advising drivers where to park next time. IE will arrange this. BP said Leavemere residents should be involved. IE suggested a post with reflectors should be placed at the apex of the triangle to deter lorries from turning there or crossing it.

5 The Red Lion

The committee agreed that JA would buy a bouquet on its behalf to present to Kim Sharrock at her leaving party as a token of appreciation for her contribution to the committee and the village over the last 13 years.

6 Defibrillator

IE has installed power and a heated cabinet in the telephone box. The defibrillator should be in place by next week. IE will discuss with Tom Treasure how best to light the booth. Following its installation, SEC Ambulance and Kent Fire & Rescue Service need to be informed. It was pointed out that Tom Treasure has kindly donated the use of the phone box for the defibrillator (and will pay the energy costs), but is not involved in its use or maintenance.

7 Wine and Wisdom

This will take place on 26 November.


8.1 JA announced her intention to step down from the committee at the AGM.

8.2 AA reported that Ken, the man from the Lees Court Estate who sprays the Japanese knotweed, said it will need to be repeated over a period of at least three years. The  estate is responsible for dealing with the problem and must be notified (via IE) if more knotweed appears.

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.