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12th January 2016



7.30pm, Tuesday, 12 January 2015

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Jane Austin (Secretary); Rick Blackman (Treasurer); Katie Bennett; Fred Gregory; Thomas Sisley

Apologies for absence: Adrian Atkins; Jane Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Ben Pullen; Kim Sharrock; Madelene Wilkinson

1 Minutes of September Meeting and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes of the September meeting were agreed as correct and signed by IE. The November meeting was cancelled following the decision made at the AGM to have fewer meetings.

1.2 A key to the safe for the defibrillator housing has been paid for. IE will speak to AA regarding its installation.

1.3 The finances for 2014 have been published.

1.4 A working party cleared around the village hall and lowered the fence on 19 September.  Later the stump near the entrance to the village hall was also removed.

2 2015 Accounts  

2.1 RB presented the end of year bank account balances. There is £5776.74 in the main account and £3842.11 in the reserve account. There is no petty cash now. IE thanked RB for producing the information so soon after the end of 2015 and for keeping the committee fully informed. The accounts will go to Yoshi Euridge for independent checking. RB said that, thanks to the 100 Club, the Summer Quiz and the Wine and Wisdom, the Village Hall is breaking even. He said that he is waiting to hear from British Gas how much it will cost to cut off the gas. IE will formulate a policy regarding the reserve account policy following discussion with RB. In order to be eligible for grants, the Committee must behave as if the Village Hall were a charity and present the books.  

2.2 It was hoped that AA would continue to mow the Lees. Following queries to the Sondes Estate regarding who should take responsibility for mowing the Lees, it was explained that, when those living on it asked for the grass to be kept short, the Estate gave permission, providing it was done by villagers, as in the case of other villages and their lees.

2.3 IE and RB are considering separating the accounts of the Village Hall (a charity) from those for maintaining the Lees (private land), and will submit their proposal in due course.

2.4 It would cost about £400 to change the names of each Custodian Trustee, so this will not be done in the foreseeable future. The lease comes up for renewal in 2027.

3 Governance and Dates of Future Meetings

3.1 The Committee resigned and were immediately re-elected at the AGM.

3.2 Tom Sisley was proposed in absentia by BP and seconded by KB. IE is to forward TS copies of the ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) information sheet ‘Trustees Roles and Responsibilities’, the 1974 Trust Deed and the 2003 Lease. IE will speak to KS to ask her if she wishes to remain on the committee.

3.3 All members of the committee, who are, ipso facto, Management Trustees, will need to sign the Charity Commission’s form ‘Declaration of eligibility for newly-appointed trustees’.

3.4 Future meetings will take place every quarter on 12 April, 12 July and 11 October in 2016 (the second Tuesday of the relevant month).

4 Fund-raising 2016

4.1 JA reminded committee members to renew their membership of the 100 Club, as requested by JG. IE will e-mail people not yet contacted by JG.

4.2 JA will do another Summer Quiz. The date is to be confirmed, but will probably be in July. FG and JG will do another Wine and Wisdom in the autumn. The date is to be confirmed.

4.3 JA has produced notices inviting local residents to submit photographs for next year’s community calendar. She is to put a notice promoting it in February’s Parish Magazine.

4.4 Kate Linforth has resigned from the team planning the Medieval Fayre. It has been decided that the fayre should take place on only one day (21 May), but that the Badger Rampant group would be invited to camp for the whole weekend should they wish to. KL wrote to our contact, Dylan Hampshire, but has not yet had a reply, so IE is to contact him. If there is not a Medieval Fayre, the event will still go ahead as a more traditional fete. JA agreed to take responsibility for co-ordinating the arrangements. KB said that she would try to find out about bouncy castle hire. JA is to contact Rachel Sisley regarding help with publicising the event. KB offered the boundary of her field on the A251 as the location for a sign to advertise it.


5.1 JA asked if it would be permissible to cut through the brambles on the Lees in order to be able to pick more blackberries. It was agreed that this could be done.

5.2 KB suggested a 5 November bonfire and firework night in her field, but it was agreed that this would probably be impractical as a public event, but should be reconsidered nearer the date.

5.3 The 100 club winners, completing the draws for 2015, were:- in September, A Godfrey-Faussett £15, J Jones £10; in October, S Treasure £15, J Harvey £10; in November, E Higgs £15, R Bangle £10; in December (drawn at the Wine and Wisdom), J Gregory £150, M Garlinge £50 and D Hubbard £25.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

The next meeting will be on 12 April.