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12th July 2016



12 July 2016

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Jane Austin (Secretary); Fred Gregory; Ben Pullen

Apologies for absence: Rick Blackman (Treasurer); Adrian Atkins; Katie Bennett; Jane Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Thomas Sisley; Madelene Wilkinson

1 Minutes of July Meeting and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes for the April meeting were passed.

2 2015 Accounts

2.1 The balance of the current account stands at £7031.57, not including uncashed cheques to the value of £464.00, and the reserve account at £3843.18.

2.2 Winners of the 100 Club who have not yet cashed their cheques will be reminded to do so.   

2.3 £80.00 was spent on an ice cream freezer, which KB kindly has offered to store. It was agreed that the freezer could be shared with Sheldwich and Throwley when they have their fêtes, as they have been generous enough to lend us equipment for our recent Fayre. IE is going to spend £50 on a second hand gazebo which is worth considerably more.

2.4 The gas meter in the Hall has been removed. The standing charge may be written off as long as there is no meter and no gas has been used. However, it has been removed in such a way that a meter could be re-installed at a later date.

2.5 Ice cream and BBQ food which remained unsold after the Mediaeval Fayre have now sold, bringing the final profit from the fayre to £837.93

3 The Mediæval Fayre – post-event meeting feedback

3.1 There was an informal meeting in The Red Lion on 12 May at which it was generally agreed that the fayre was a success, but that there is room for improvement. The date of the next Fayre was set as Saturday, 20 May 2017. An account of the Fayre, including photos, is expected to be published in Oast to Coast.

4 Hall Maintenance

4.1 Parts of the Hall, for example the wall with the clothes hooks on it, are rotten and need to be repaired. Very little maintenance has been done on the structure. FG is to speak to a structural engineer about the possibility of his inspecting the Hall to see what needs doing and possibly to give a quote for the work. He pointed out that some parts of the building would need to be exposed prior to the engineer’s visit. Having charity status, and up-to-date books, would mean that we may be able to seek sources of funding beyond our usual fund-raising activities, for example, parish and local councils have money available for established community halls.

4.2 IE and DW have repaired the roof of the store room so that it no longer leaks. IE has repaired the plumbing in the ladies’ lavatories, and DW has continued with their refurbishment. Much is still to be carried out, and they do not yet have hot water, unlike the men’s.

4.3 As the Hall’s trust deed, which gives the village hall its status as a charity, does not mention the Lees, and the Lees is privately owned, albeit open access land, its maintenance cannot be considered as part of the responsibility of the hall’s management committee. However, since local residents have for many years agreed to maintain it, and this has fallen under the auspices of the hall’s management committee, it was felt that the village hall committee and the Lees preservation committee should be the same people but the accounts must be separated (as they were some ten or more years ago). It was decided to reinstate the closed accounts (strictly, it would be opening new ones) with Lloyds Bank, designated Badlesmere Village Hall (leaving the NatWest ones as the Lees Preservation Society). This would mean that money raised by future events would need to be allocated to one or other of the accounts. Therefore, the Committee would need to decide and make clear whether funds were to be raised for the Hall or the Lees. In practice, the workings of the committee will continue as before, but every item discussed must be defined as pertaining to the Village Hall or to the Preservation of the Lees, and the minutes kept separate accordingly.

5 Defibrillator

5.1 It was made clear that the defibrillator was donated to the village by the Parish Council, but that it is not their responsibility. The Committee has therefore taken responsibility for it, as it is seen as a valuable asset for the village.

5.2 It is not clear whether or not the defibrillator needs to be heated, but it was agreed that it should be housed in a cabinet designed for that purpose. It also needs a fan to avoid condensation problems. There is now power in the telephone box, and the original wooden cabinet is being modified to take the ‘interior’ plastic one that was donated with the defibrillator, so that a fan will function and heating will be possible. Tom Treasure has kindly agreed to pay the electricity bill. The defibrillator will be checked by IE monthly and the pads will need to be replaced every two years.

5.3 It was agreed that funds raised by the Summer Quiz would go towards the installation and maintenance of the defibrillator.

6 Village Sign  

IE apologised for not having made progress with this project. It was again agreed that there should be three designs for the committee to choose from before presenting one to the village.

7 Summer Quiz

So far, JA has been asked to reserve eight tables.

9 Any Other Business

There was a discussion about where to source and store planings for the southern track. BP is going to deal with this.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.

The next meeting will be held on 11 October.