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AGM 2018 Minutes



7.30 pm, Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair), Sue Earl (Secretary), Rick Blackman (Treasurer), Dave Austin, Katie Bennett, Charlie Kirby, Paul Weeden

Apologies for absence: Fred Gregory, Jane Gregory, Ben Pullen, Tom Sisley

1 & 2 Welcome and Chairman’s report

IE gave a warm welcome to everyone especially the members of the public, which included two new to the village, and read out the agenda, explaining that the main purposes of the event was to enable the committee to describe their actions over the past year and the intentions for the next, and for the public to share their views with the committee.

The committee had lost three members in the past year (Dave and Madelene Wilkinson, and Adrian Atkins) due to their moving away. Dave and Madelene, in particular will be sorely missed as they did so much for the hall and community over the years.  (Dave was the Hall Manager for many years, and also the previous Chairman of the committee.)  However, Dave Austin has joined as the designated parish councillor on the committee.  In the absence of anyone else IE is acting as Hall Manager.

Little has changed since the last AGM in matters pertaining to governance.  The accounts (which RB will present in detail later) remain healthy despite the expenditure exceeding income in 2017.  Some big purchases were made and a loss was incurred as a result of the cancellation of the Mediaeval Fayre (thanks to Kent Highways closing the A251 on the chosen weekend).  Thanks must go to Yoshi Euridge who, again, independently checked the accounts.  We have three groups who regularly use the hall: the East Kent 0 Gauge Group, the Chough’s Table Tennis Club, and a meditation group.  The charges for hiring the hall have been simplified – still basically £7.50 per hour, but with a ceiling of £90 for a 24 hour period, and no charge if the event is non-profit-making and open to all villagers.

The major tasks of renewing the timber within the walls and painting the exterior has yet to be started, both urgently required.  Repairs to the plumbing after the extremely cold spell were required but gave an excuse to improve the pipework and its layout.  Other projects exist on a ‘do-list’ which will be tackled in due course when time and volunteers are found.

The Lees were mowed by Falcon Farm to a very high standard in 2017 but they were not willing to continue with this role.  A commercial contractor has been found but the first cut this year was later than ideal.  The North Track was resurfaced last year with Type 1 (as opposed to road planings), which was relatively costly but expected to need less maintenance in the long run.  However, the recent poor weather caused significant deterioration and more remedial work has been needed.  It is understood that in the future no more material will be needed and so the cost of maintaining the track will eventually be less than continually ordering planings.  Planings are still the preferred surface of the South Track.

The village defibrillator is still in the telephone box, and subject to regular checks.  A training session is to be organised in the Autumn.

The essential fund-raising continues.  Jane Gregory is again managing the 100 Club.  A Mediaeval Fayre has again been organised.  A new (to us) re-enactment group has been engaged which means that archery, both demonstrated and hands-on, will be included.  On 11 November, we, together with many organisations and communities around Britain, will be commemorating the end of The Great War one hundred years ago.  We will be lighting our beacon.

3 Financial Statement

RB passed around a summary of the income and expenditure for 2016.  Expenditure (£4454) exceeded income by £645, but included the purchases of a BBQ (£714), twelve folding tables (£428) and tablecloths (£145).  Nett income from lettings was £2093 and the cost of the cancellation of the Mediaeval Fayre was £125 if the cost of those items bought but usable at future events is removed.  The proposed Summer Quiz was also cancelled but the Christmas Wine and Wisdom event raised £324.  Hall maintenance costs and the purchase of consumables were kept to less than £300.  The defibrillator cost £136 last year but reimbursement for replacement battery and pads is expected from the Parish Council which will reduce this to £15.  A £43 refund from Southern Water is being sought following an erroneous charge for waste in 2016.  The year-end balances were: current account £5178.75, reserve account £3844.37.  A policy for the Reserve Account still needs to be written.

4 Open discussion

4.1 Finances.  It was suggested that moneys may be available for repairs/improvements to the hall through the Parish Council or local Borough councillors.  It was requested that the ‘do list’ of works in-hand or required should be made public.

4.2 Village Sign.  Concern was expressed that this project has been shelved.  It was stated that simply other tasks had taken priority and that it was still being progressed albeit slowly.

5 Election of the Committee

The members of the Committee were unanimously re-elected (proposed by Jane Austin, seconded by Gerry Baker and Steve Burt).


6.1 Appreciation of Jane Gregory’s input was expressed for despite being unwell and occasionally in hospital she has continued to supervise the 100 Club, and shown interest on all things committee.

6.2 Steve Burt described how he has organised 10k Runs in Canterbury and Herne Bay and that the area around Badlesmere Lees would be perfect for similar runs.  The lees itself is large enough to accommodate the start and finish, it has exits away from the main road, and the village hall’s facilities could support the events.  He would expect the first few of such events not to raise much but once established they could bring in considerable amounts.  He is prepared to discuss the pros and cons at a committee meeting.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.