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4th April 2017



4 April 2017

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Sue Earl (Secretary); Rick Blackman (Treasurer); Fred Gregory; Jane Gregory; Ben Pullen; Tom Sisley; Madelene Wilkinson

Apologies for absence: Adrian Atkins; Katie Bennett; Charlie Kirby; Paul Weeden

1 Minutes of January Meeting and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes of the January meeting were passed.

1.2 IE thanked the committee for attending in light of the change of date (to allow the Parish Council to use the hall on 11 April). IE welcomed Paul Weeden (in his absence for he could attend the 11th but not the 4th) from the EK0GG. This is in keeping with advice received from ARCK whereby the hall management should have representatives from all the groups who regularly use the hall.

1.3 IE also thanked Sue Earl (present) and Linda Kirby for volunteering to job-share the post of secretary.

1.4 IE has contacted Lloyds Bank in order to open a second set of accounts, and has received one phone call back but is still awaiting a second.

1.5 A post has been erected on the ‘triangle’, and has been painted and reflectors added.

1.6 The ‘wall party’ of the 18 February was a success (twelve volunteers turned up) with all the nails, staples, etc., being removed from the internal walls of the hall. Cobwebs near the ceiling are still to be dealt with. Painting of the interior will precede any work on the main structure of the hall (which is accessible from the outside).

1.7 A cleaning roster has not been achieved as it was felt that the two who volunteered should not do it alone. Paying a cleaner is now under consideration. BP will ask his if she would be prepared to do one two-hour session each month.

1.8 Tom Treasure has accepted the contract for mowing the Lees. The first cut has been carried out (by Tom Treasure and Mark Monks), and was well received. It is a month earlier than usual but he Lees has certainly benefitted from the attention.

1.9 The Lees Clean-up day was another success, with work on the North Track and the lopping of the lower branches of trees about the Lees being carried out. The Estate recently felled the diseased oak tree opposite South View. The ivy on the trees beside the North Track will need to be tackled at the next session (in the autumn).

1.10 The Hundred Club has a hundred members – the first time for some years, with all due credit to Jane Gregory (and appreciation to Kelvin Euridge who said he would buy more memberships if needed to achieve this).

1.11 A Zenith 4 Gas Barbecue has been purchased for £700, and includes a griddle plate as an extra.  Two gas bottles now need to be purchased. This has freed up some storage space in the Store, which will be offered to the EK0GG. (They are prepared to build their own shelving.)

1.12 BP, who was absent from the January meeting, has queried the decision to charge the Church for the use of the hall at Thanksgiving. The committee will return to this issue nearer the autumn. IE had not yet sent a letter to Rev. Lorraine but BP has discussed the matter with Corinne Scutt (Leaveland).

2 Accounts

2.1 RB said that the current account balance on 31 March 2017 was £7028.67 and the business reserve account £3843.88. This higher value than usual is partly explained by the inclusion of the Hundred Club membership subscriptions with few prizes having been given out. Also several cheques of high value that have been written have yet to reach the accounts. Noteworthy is that a significant amount of income now comes from the regular users of the hall. This almost-guaranteed income is allowing us to spend more on improvements to the hall, and on equipment, than ever before.

2.2 RB issued to the committee a summary of the income and expenditure for 2016 (both just under £6000. The supporting documents are being passed to Yoshi Euridge for independent checking in order for the summary to be available for formal release at the AGM in May.

2.3 The 100 Club winners for 2017 to date are:
January: £15 Tom Gregory, £10 Adrian Atkins;
February: £15 Linda Thompson, £10 Adrian Atkins;
March: £15 Eva Winter, £10 Allen Skinner;
April: £15 Adrian Atkins, £10 Madelene Wilkinson;

3 Defibrillator

3.1 IE gave an account of the trials and tribulations of getting the defibrillator recognised by SECAMB. Despite the registration form being submitted by email in October 2016, and the Community Heart Best Trust taking a copy to a meeting with SECAMB in February, the defibrillator is still not ‘live’ on the SECAMB system. The form has been sent again, and apologies received from them. Their being short-staffed has contributed to the problem (the voluntary section in their office is one person for six hours only on Tuesdays). They have agreed to inform IE when it has become ‘live’.

3.2 Meanwhile the defibrillator has been checked weekly since October, and the checks recorded with the CHB Trust via their website since February. IE has received an email from the Clerk to the Parish Council stating that the costs of maintaining the defibrillator will be borne by them, but then noticed in the precis of the minutes of the February meeting as posted in the recent Parish Magazine that only 50% of the costs will be covered. IE will seek clarification, particularly as new pads and battery will be needed in May at a total cost about £100.

3.3 IE has contacted three organisations that can arrange a training session (for CPR and a demonstration of how the AED would be used), and will arrange one when the defibrillator is ‘live’ on the SECAMB system. First responders do not offer such training (so it is not certain what took place at Sheldwich). IE is to find out what interest there is in the village for a training session, to help decide which provider to use.

3.4 It was agreed that the committee, and whoever attends a training session, should be given the keysafe code.

4 Mediaeval Fayre

4.1 IE, JG and MW constitute the sub-committee charged with organising the fayre. Plans are well under way, with a band booked (Pass The Cat), stall holders invited, and advertisers found (to place adverts in the programme). Other committee members have volunteered for several roles and tasks, and it is expected that many more villagers will participate in the setting up and on the day. The EK0GG have agreed to exhibit a model railway layout in the hall (thus taking up what would otherwise be rather empty space).

4.2 The committee were shown draft versions of the A5 flyer that will be distributed at local events and placed under windscreen wipers in car parks, the A4 flyer which will be placed in pubs, bus shelters and on supermarket noticeboards, and the programme that will issued to people parking their cars on the day (parking fee = £2) and available to buy (for £1) from a few of the stalls. The cost of printing the programme will be almost covered by the advertising, and there will be a prize draw associated with programmes. The adding of the EK0GG and more prominence to be given to Pass The Cat were agreed. The flyer for the AGM (in four weeks) will include a large section on the Mediaeval Fayre, with requests for contributions to the raffle and produce stall.

4.2 CAS, our insurers, have been informed of the Fayre. An extra premium is expected for the bouncy castle (already booked). Details of the greasy pole have been forwarded to their underwriters for consideration.

4.3 Because the Village Hall car park will not be available for clients of the Forge Riding School (the existing normal arrangement), IE will issue Lorraine with car park passes so that her clients will be able to park without being charged.

4.4 IE has found a source of second hand tables, the purchase of which will alleviate the concern that we do not have an adequate number (the teas and cakes often make do with one or two tables only). It was agreed to purchase twelve 6’x2’6”, white plastic, ex-Rio Olympics, trestle tables, if possible.

5 Future events

5.1 The EK0GG have booked 15 July for an Open Day when they wish to showcase three model railway layouts, primarily to the residents of Badlesmere Lees.

5.2 Summer Quiz: Jane Austin wishes to organise this event again, on 22 July.

5.3 Xmas Wine and Wisdom: FG and JG are happy to organise this perennial favourite, on 25 November.


8.1 Three horses have arrived in the field that includes Beacon Hill (adjacent to the Lees). Concern about their ownership and welfare has been expressed. MW will look into it further (KB may have some knowledge).

8.2 DW, via MW, has asked whether the plan to erect a Village Sign has stalled, and offers his services to construct and install one. IE admitted that he was the cause of the delay, and stated that the basic design has already been agreed, but not the materials from which it will be made or from where they will be sourced. It will become a priority once the Mediaeval Fayre has happened. DW’s offer was appreciated.

8.3 A brief description of the recent Parish Meeting held at Sheldwich (in St James’ Church) was given by SE. The main topic was the scheme called Speedwatch in which interested residents become trained by the police in the use of speed-measuring devices at allowed places on the county’s roads. Only stretches with speed limits of 20, 30 and 40 mph could be considered as suitable locations, subject to other requirements being met. Speeding motorists would get a letter; prosecutions can only come about if the speeding is caught by a police officer. It was stated that 89% of those motorists who get caught do not get caught a second time (within a rolling twelve month period). Several residents have signed up to be trained and others have shown interest. Two devices have been bought by the Parish Council, and the Badlesmere Lees section of the A251 was thought to be a suitable location, especially for catching speeding north-bound traffic.

8.4 The work on the wall between the Village Hall and Colley’s Cottage is scheduled for 29 April, with IE, BP and TS volunteering. BP will also invite those who offered their services (on the Clean-up Day). Fence posts and panels have already been purchased, and the cost split equally between the Village Hall and TS.

8.5 IE reminded the committee of the date of the AGM – Tuesday, 9 May 2017, at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm.

Next committee meeting: Tuesday, 11 July 2017, at 7.30 pm.