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8th September2015



7.30 pm, 8 SEPTEMBER 2015

Those present: Ian Earl (Chair); Sue Earl (standing in for Jane Austin as Secretary); Katie Bennett; Ben Pullen; Madelene Wilkinson.

Apologies for absence: Adrian Atkins; Jane Austin; Rick Blackman; Fred Gregory; Jane Gregory; Charlie Kirby; Kim Sharrock.

1 Minutes of July Meeting, and Matters Arising from the May and July Meetings

1.1 The minutes of the July Meeting were agreed as correct and signed by IE.

Matters arising from the May Meeting:

1.2(8) An invoice was recently received for a key safe (£17 from Wychling Contractors), though yet to be installed (responsibility of AA/Parish Council), in which to house the hall key so allowing access to the defibrillator once it is installed in the Hall. The combination will be known to the emergency services, and will also be given to committee members. The insurance company is to be contacted to see if its presence affects the cover.

Matters arising from the July Meeting:

1.3(5) Kate Linforth has resigned from the committee but will continue to organise next year’s Medieval Fayre. She informed IE that she has brought a team together and asked for guidance on what the initial outlay could be. IE is seeking information on what the costs were for the previous fayres. KL reported to IE that Badgers Rampant are still wanting a two-day event (contrary to the desires of the current committee) and suggested that the event could be under the auspices of the Lees Committee on the Saturday, and of another organisation, such as the Scouts, on the Sunday. Insurance cover and other considerations will need to be carefully scrutinised. KL will be invited to the next committee meeting and will be asked to keep the committee regularly informed of developments.

2 Financial Report

2.1 IE presented a summary of the current status of the committee’s finances and bank accounts, including a spreadsheet showing this year’s income and expenditure, as supplied by RB. As of 31 August 2015, the current account stands at £6766.12, and the reserve account at £3841.46, with £60 worth of cheques yet to be cashed.

2.2 The accounts for the calendar year 2014 have been prepared by RB, and independently checked by Yoshi Euridge (thanks expressed by the committee). They will be posted to the website as soon as possible. The third account appearing in the accounts for 2014 was a ‘float account’ to aid the fund-raising organisers to spend without time-consuming recourse to the committee for every item. This account has now been closed and the funds incorporated into the current account. In future the outgoings associated with fund-raising events will be detailed, not just the resulting profit. It was noted that DW (the Hall Manager) has an account with M&J’s in Faversham for the purchase of items associated with the maintenance of the hall, and reimbursement is always made against actual invoices rather than an account summary.

2.3 The committee has received £500 from the recently wound up Sheldwich, Badlesmere and Leaveland Horticultural Society as a contribution to the Badlesmere Lees village sign fund. IE is to send a letter of thanks to Bill Harbour and the Society.

3 AGM 2015

3.1 The date for the AGM was agreed: Tuesday 27th October, at 7.30 pm. This matches the Trust Deed’s requirement that the AGM be held in August or as soon as practicably possible thereafter.

3.2 It was noted that, at the AGM, following the giving of the chairman’s report the current committee will need to resign, those attending then vote in the three main officers of the committee (chair, secretary, and treasurer) and these then co-opt whoever they deem suitable (and willing) to form the management committee. Each user organisation (currently really only one – the table tennis group) should send a representative to join the management committee.

3.3 In an attempt to be procedurally (legally) correct all members of the new management committee will need to sign a declaration of eligibility for newly appointed trustees.

3.4 JA has given notice that she does not want to be re-elected as secretary at the AGM.  It is crucial that this post is filled, and members of the committee are encouraged to put feelers out to find anyone who would be suitable and willing to take this role.  Sue Earl said that, if it need be, she would be prepared to share the role.

3.5 IE is to organise the design, printing and distribution of flyers informing residents of the AGM, and is to place a notice in the parish magazine. Although the ‘area of benefit’ in the Trust Deed includes Sheldwich, it was agreed that distribution should be limited to the parishes of Badlesmere and Leaveland because Sheldwich now has its own village hall.

4 Governance

4.1 IE recently emailed committee members three information sheets from Action with Communities in Rural Kent (#17 Trustee roles and responsibilities; #40 Village Halls, governing documents and title deeds; ACRE Model Document: Lease of Land and Trust Deed) and scanned copies of the 1974 Lease and Trust Deed (the Trust Deed is still the main governing document) and the (current) 2003 Lease (which makes no mention of the Trust Deed).

4.2 IE has looked at the insurance cover that is paid for annually (in December), and confirmed that public liability is fully covered so that trustees will not be sued individually, and that ‘trustee indemnity’ refers to the committee being insured against illegal acts by individual trustees (like dishonest appropriation of the charity’s funds). It was felt that this cover, which we don’t have, is more appropriate to ‘regular’ charities and not necessary for us.


5.1 Two residents recently reported to IE that Japanese Knotweed is growing on the Lees. IE has identified four main areas and ascertained that Andy Vant used to burn it when he sighted it.  It is an invasive foreign species which is not notifiable but should it spread from one property to another, the owners of the latter can sue the owners of the former. The Lees Court Estate has been informed and they agreed that it should be dealt with and it is now ‘on the agenda’. Concern was also expressed (by the committee) that mowing the Lees where it grows may be helping it to spread as it only spreads by vegetative means rather than by seed, so cut pieces may well be able to root wherever they find themselves. AA is to be warned of this danger.

5.2 BP wished a working party to be convened to tidy the area around the village hall in light of the impending trimming of the sycamores to the west of the hall. The date of Saturday, 19th September, time: 9.30 to 11.30, was agreed. The severe trimming of the Leylandii to the north and east of the village hall plot by neighbour Tom Sisley was noted, and he is to be duly thanked.

5.3 The 100 Club winners are as follows: July: £15 D Gregory, £10 A Moore; August: £15 R Pullen, £10 E Higgs.

The next meeting (after the AGM on the 27th October) will take place on 10 November.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.